Hello Subscribers! Thanks for being part of Violette Stickers monthly sticker subscription.  We strive to make each month unique and full of unexpected fun!  

Here is a little about the:

October Sticker Pack – Fall festivals, dark rich foliage and Halloween spectacular!  

This month’s assortment features fall cornucopias, rich and colorful fall florals, pumpkins and gourds, mystical woods, furry friends and feathers.   A Birthday animal surprise party and some fast food fun with one of our best seller’s on  a paper 4 x 4. 

Victorina lovers it’s your month!  Angels on unique cloud paper of premium quality, Thanksgiving Turkey Traditions and the classic Victorian Babies … also known as the “Haunted Babies” ideal for Halloween spooktaculars!  Plus a hint of classic roses ideal of any bridal, wedding, baby shower or just a pretty  sticker for your  planner.

Did you catch the vintage cigar labels on the clear 4 x 4?   Enjoy!
one cigar label – 

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New glitter postcards with Deckle edges.


Subscribe at https://violette-stickers.cratejoy.com/



Subscribe at https://violette-stickers.cratejoy.com/


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